Working with Personas, Profiles, and Patterns

Understand Your Site Visitors

Customize the journey for each visitor.

Once you have a firm grounding in Sitecore’s content marketing capabilities, the next step toward using its features to their fullest is understanding your business’ current user makeup, behaviors and goals. From there, new and highly customized user journeys can be strategized and created to elicit specific results based on your company’s overall marketing objectives. We will teach your team to think in terms of profiles, personas, and pattern cards, and to use those tools to create personalized pathways for users to travel.

During this introductory workshop, we’ll work with you to:

  • Review and discuss your current user base and their behavior
  • Perform high-level analysis of what the overarching user goals are
  • Discuss with your team the intricacies of the current marketing landscape and near-term and longer-term goals for improving ROI with Sitecore and its related technologies
  • Showcase sample functionality within the Sitecore platform (OOTB) that can be used to generate strategic user journeys
  • Showcase sample augmentations to Sitecore that can be implemented to create hyper personalized experiences
  • Start generating a roadmap outlining steps that can be executed to bring your company’s marketing effort to the next level


This workshop is a mix of information gathering and brainstorming with your team. As our Subject Matter Experts cover key topics in Sitecore Marketing functionality with your team, we also incorporate data gathered through interviewing key stakeholders and industry-specific market research.

  • Analyze pages to determine focus pages for personalization
    • Homepage
    • Product page
    • Blog
    • Support
  • Categorize/Profile users based on certain criteria
    • What they’ve purchased in the past
    • Who they are
    • Their persona
    • Site visitation frequency (1st time, 2nd time, 3rd time visitor)
  • Customize content served to users
    • Based on what they already own (serve complementary products)
  • Cross-selling and Upselling based on user information
  • Tagging content to improve personalization

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