Understanding Website Personalizations

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This workshop is a collaborative meeting designed to arm your team with a deep knowledge of Sitecore’s personalization capabilities. During this workshop, we will review your current level of personalization usage, learn more about your personalization goals, and then cater the rest of the meeting to discuss tools and methods to draft a content personalization strategy for parts of your website.

During this workshop, we’ll work with you to:

  • Review and understand your current level of personalization knowledge
  • Showcase Sitecore’s native personalization capabilities that pertain to your business goals
  • Demonstrate available rules and parameters you can use to drive personalizations on your website
  • Discuss your personalization goals and ways that you’d like to increase strategically served content
  • Provide recommendations on how you can use Sitecore’s personalization functions to achieve your current goals 
  • Generate tangible next steps to allow your team to draft and implement a personalization campaign

Plan Your Workshop Today!

Drop us a line to get all the info you need about the Understanding Website Personalizations workshop and how it can help you achieve your marketing goals. We’ll follow up with a detailed overview of the workshop and info on how to get started.