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Get Current on the Latest Version of Sitecore

Staying up-to-date with the latest, stable release empowers your team to take advantage of all the new functionality, bug fixes, and performance improvements delivered by your Experience Marketing Platform vendor. Upgrades are also a great opportunity to take an inventory of where you are relative to best-practices and make any course corrections necessary to get (or keep) your system on track.

Coria has experience with everything from providing phone-a-friend guidance on straight-forward, point-and-click upgrades to taming ugly, hairy (and sometimes even headless) upgrades.

Evaluate Hosting Options

We can give you the battle-tested information you need to decide whether going IaaS, PaaS, or On-Prem is right for your environment.

Avoid the Common Upgrade Pitfalls

There be dragons hiding in the configs and upgrade tools. We'll show you how to avoid them and provide context on why common issues occur.

Upgrade with Confidence

Execute setup steps in your environment like a boss using step-by-step instructions validated on your code base.

Clarify Your Upgrade Options

Hop on a 30-minute call with one of our DevOps rock stars and get real-world advice on what your upgrade options are and how to start.


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