Coria Component Library

Pattern Library

Pattern Library

The Pattern Library is a set of visual guidelines that content authors can use to easily display content on your site that is consistent with your brand.

Every Component Library comes standard with a Pattern Library that is tailored to match your unique corporate style.

This allows your marketing team to start building your site using beautifully styled components from day one.

Grid Component

The Grid Component is a foundational building block that allows content authors to create responsive rows and columns to structure how other Components and Blocks appear on the page.

Using logical styles from the Pattern Library, Grids make it easy for a non-technical content author to create page layouts that dynamically resize on visitor devices without requiring assistance from a developer.

Strip Component

The Strip Component is a versatile band you can add to any page of your site. It allows you to visually separate areas of content using a background color, background image, background video, or parallax effect.

Strip Components are stacked on top of each other and can contain other Components and Blocks that can then be moved together as a group.

Heading Component

The Heading Component displays an HTML element on the page that pulls its text from any field on any available data source.

The Heading can be easily styled using classes that come standard with your Pattern Library.

Image Component

The Image Component pulls content from your media library, Digital Asset Management system, or the web and displays it anywhere on any page.

You can easily apply borders and filters to the Image using predefined styles in your Pattern Library.


Video Player Component

The Video Player Component is a smart block that plays YouTube, Wistia, or MP4 videos.

Player dynamically triggers Goals and Events when a visitor has actively watched the content for a period of time specified by a content author.

Rich Text Component

The Rich Text Component provides a simple way for content authors to quickly place formatted text and images from a rich text field anywhere on the page.

Rich Text Components support HTML and can include markup from the Pattern Library to give marketers the flexibility they need to embed a limitless array of content on your site pages.

Hero Banner Component

The Hero Banner Component is an easy-to-style element that combines background images or videos with bold, eye-catching headings and call to action buttons.

This is a smart component that can trigger Goals and Events when a visitor clicks through to the linked content.

The built-in styles are responsive, versatile, and easy to implement.

Carousel Component

The Carousel Component provides an easy way for content authors to display a rotating series of banners, products, featured articles, or video content.

The Carousel dynamically resizes its content to fit within the container it’s given, providing marketers with the flexibility to achieve a wide variety of visual effects.

Content Tile Component

The Content Tile Component is a swiss army knife block that allows content authors to group images, icons, headings, preview text, and call to action buttons together.

Using the Pattern Library, these content tiles can morph in ways that present content in an interesting variety of visually distinct layouts.

The Content Tile Component is smart. It can be easily personalized and it can be used to trigger Goals & Events to track conversions out of the box without requiring assistance from a Developer or Agency Partner.

Basic Form Component

Basic Form Component

The Basic Form Component is used to easily collect visitor information and trigger real-time email communications to multiple addresses.

With built-in validations and actions out-of-the-box, it’s possible to trigger Goals & Events, restrict the use of non-business emails, track conversions, add visitors to segments, and initiate real-time file downloads,

Using the Pattern Library, these forms can be easily modified to match your landing pages.

Featured Article Component

The Featured Article Component is a stylized block of rich content that pulls its details directly from an existing article on your website.

It dynamically displays a featured image, preview text, and tag information and links through to the main article.

The Featured Article Component makes it easy for content authors to personalize blocks of content that are relevant to your visitors based on their profile attributes or behavior on your site.

Featured Article Carousel

Featured Article Carousel Component

The Featured Article Carousel Component gives your marketers a simple way to display visually appealing links to related content.

This component takes a series of Featured Articles and combines them together into a scrolling carousel of personalizable blocks.

This is a great component to use to provide related blog posts, case studies, and press articles for your site visitors.

File Download Tile Component

The File Download Tile Component is used to provide an easy way for content authors to link to a digital asset.

It is great for sharing brochures, data sheets, annual reports, eBooks, white papers, templates, and presentations.

Clicking through to download an asset can also optionally trigger a Goal or Event in your marketing platform to help measure engagement and track the performance of various files on your site.

Locator Component

Locator Component

The Locator Component gives your visitors an easy way to find your retail or event locations using familiar Google Map functionality.

Display available locations specified by latitude and longitude coordinates or physical address, and let your visitors search based on their location or a manually entered address.

Provide a detailed listing of your locations alphabetically or filter what’s displayed based on a given distance from another location.

Social Follow Component

Social Follow Component

The Social Follow component provides a convenient way to link site visitors to your social media channels using easy-to-follow iconography that is powered by your Pattern Library.

Global Footer Component

The Global Footer Component uses a flexible set of blocks to create an easy way for your site visitors to find the content they're looking for.

Accordion Component

Accordion Component

The Accordion Component gives content authors a quick and efficient way to add things like Frequently Asked Questions with rich content anywhere on your site.

Article Index Component

Article Index Component

The Article Index Component uses a masonry layout to display an attractive, responsive, lazy-loading grid of articles for a section of your site.

It’s a great component to use as a main page for your blog or case study page.

Global Search

Global Search Component

The Global Search Component provides a mechanism for indexing the templates and fields that matter to you so you can provide a clean and useful search experience for your site visitors.

Because we know that all content is not created equally, the Global Search Component allows you to include only the content you'd like to index, and makes it possible to weight results based on rules that make sense for your industry.

Mini Menu Component

Mini Menu Component

The Mini Menu Component provides content authors with a simple, responsive, and compact way to link to any page on your site in the footer without involving a developer to make changes.

Product Tile

Product Tile Component

The Product Tile Component gives your marketing team a simple way to highlight products in a visually appealing way, complete with pricing details and add to cart functionality.

Copyright Component

The Copyright Component has built-in tokens that allow it to dynamically update to reflect the current year.

iFrame Component

iFrame Component

The iFrame Component gives your content authors the flexibility to embed a wide variety of content within your site.

Side Navigation

Side Navigation Component

The Side Nav Component allows content authors to include a second level of navigation in areas of your site that need it.

Optionally exclude some items or template types from the navigation using easy-to-configure parameters.

Global Header

Global Header Component

The Global Header Component integrates branding elements, navigation links, search, user account menu bars, and mobile display options.

Content authors are able to easily add and remove links and apply various themes out-of-the-box.

Article Component

The Article Component displays socially shareable long-form text content, along with supporting featured images and videos.

Article Components also display publish date, article author, and categories / tags.

Call to Action Component

The CTA Component is a smart Call to Action button that sends the site visitor to a specific link and optionally triggers a Goal or Event in your marketing platform.

It can be added to any section of any page and styled easily using predefined buttons from your Pattern Library.

Breadcrumb Component

The Breadcrumb Component provides a simple way to walk site visitors through a process or allow them to navigate back from some of the deeper areas of your site.

Incorporate arrows and iconography or use simple linking styles with easy-to-configure parameters.

Social Share Component

Social Share Component

The Social Share Component provides the ability to take a link from your website and share it via multiple channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter.

This component is smart and has the ability to trigger a Goal or Event when a site visitor follows through on socially sharing content via email or social network.

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