Taxonomy is a great first step in setting up your inbound marketing efforts in Sitecore. Once you have a marketing plan in place and get everything organized you can start building out your goals and website personalization.

Taxonomy in Sitecore is a caterogized structure that can be used to identify and organize information. This is how you can classify all of your marketing activities such as campaigns, goals, and events. Once this is all setup you can track website activity in more detail and get more information on how visitors are interacting with your content and your website. This is very important for your marketing strategy as you continue to tweak and improve this overtime. 


The taxonomy tags help provide a consistent way to organize your marketing efforts while enabling you to use the experience analytics that measure traffic, engagement value, and value per visit, which helps drive reporting and break it down on a more granular level. You can also use these tags to create personalization rules which is how different content is displayed to different people when they visit your site. 


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