The Nest Learning Thermostat is the first thermostat that can learn your preferences and behaviors and adjust the temperature in the room accordingly.

The Nest uses machine learning technology to watch the way you set the thermostat and based on those settings it is able to program itself based on your weekly schedule. This method of learning your schedule works great because you can now set the temperature to be lower if you are gone at work all day but set the temperature to rise a little bit before you get home at night. As you set your temperatures throughout the day, Nest will start to learn your routine and once you have your normal schedule setup, you'll never have to think about changing the temp again.


The Nest also has an energy saving mode that helps you reach new efficiency levels. With special sensors the Nest is able to detect when you are not home so the temperature can be lowered to a more efficient setting.  With this technology and its smart capabilities you can easily monitor your energy use and adjust the temperature so you are constantly saving. With it's leaf graphic, Nest shows you when you are setting an energy saving temperature. So not only is Nest learning, but you are too!

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