Good design is something every company should utilize. Over the years, the importance of design has increased tremendously. With competition rising in each field, every business should take the time to focus on design. Afterall, it could be the deciding factor for a customer when considering your product or service.


A company needs to establish a strong presence among its clients, one with confidence and trust. Design helps identify the company and create its brand, from the logo, to the website, to the product or service. But just as good design can help build your company, bad design will tarnish it. When a company’s brand is established, they need to make sure it creates a strong and lasting impression. 


Let's use a scenario that has probably occurred in most people’s lives. Think back to when you last went to the grocery store and were trying to decide between two brands of a certain item. They cost about the same, and you haven’t tried either before so you don’t have a preference yet. How many times have you chosen the one that simply had a more appealing package? I know I’ve done this many times. That’s because good design draws consumers in and can help you get that first interaction with them. 


This can tie into web and many other parts of your business. How your website looks is key to keeping users on your site and engaged with what you have to offer. If your website is hard to navigate, difficult to read, or just isn’t aesthetically pleasing, you can lose the interest of the user in a matter of seconds. So, keeping design in mind is important when considering all aspects of your company. Even when it could seem minuscule, it could be the critical factor that stops a customer from moving forward in the buyer process at any point.