Planning Poker is an agile technique that gets everyone on your team together to estimate the effort of a project or sprint. If you're trying planning poker out for the first time check our other planning poker blog posts.

Typical Planning Poker Game

  • The goal is to get an accurate estimate of effort for the project
  • Use a predefined sequence to help team members use relative measure for estimates
  • Establish a solid baseline for effort points
  • Flip all estimate cards at the same time 
  • Don't take an average of the points, start a discussion until everyone can agree on a number
  • Don't give into peer pressure
  • Make sure to have well-defined descriptions and acceptance criteria
  • Include QA and all relevant parts of the team
  • Track your progress

At Coria, we are constantly trying new ways to improve our meetings and make them as efficient as possible. We would love to hear strategies you use for planning poker or any other tips you might have in the comments!