The Sitecore Experience Accelerator is a new module that is designed to help compress your project timelines and deliver more functionality that might get pushed off to phase 2 and include that in phase 1. 


Your project teams can now work together in parallel of their different pieces of the website, there is no longer a need to wait for each team to pass the baton from group to group to get things done.


In a traditional web project the UX team might start out first and translate the business requirements in the form of wireframes of your site. Then the visual design team can take this and turn it into a beautifully branded version with static content. This gives you a better view of what your site will look like when it is handed off to the front end team to convert the static design into a more fluid design. Once those designs are complete it gets passed to the back end team to tie in everything to your web services and data so that it’s pulling from all the correct sources to get your dynamic info on your site. Then your content team can add in any photos and text and anything need to hydrate your content online. A lot of times there isn’t a lot of time for the content team at the end to get everything without rushing to meet deadlines.


The core of SxA is to compress all of this together and get the content team involved much sooner. It brings in your wireframes with your visual designs and allows you to import and export your CSS and HTML content directly to the same Sitecore experience editor.


Check out our other videos and blog posts about Sitecore SxA as we go through how we are using it here at Coria!