Content profiling is the process of categorizing your web pages into different categories that are of interest to you. It can help you track a contact’s behavior as they navigate through your website. You can use different categories such as target audience, genres, etc.



To use content profiling in Sitecore 8, start by using the Content Editor. To find the profiles tab, find “System, then “Marketing Control Panel”. Here you can see the profiles you have set up, and what each profile is helping you do.


Sitecore allows you to create profile cards and give them different values that are important to you. By creating profile cards, you don’t have to set each value on every web page. Instead you can select a profile card for the web page, which gives you a quicker and easier experience when using content profiling. You can also assign multiple profile cards to a web page. They can be treated equally or you can set a percentage for each.


The values that you give to a profile card, will also be given to the visitors behavior profile  when they come to specific webpage. Once every page is given values and profile cards, visitors will accrue these values to their profiles as they browse your website. This is what will help you discover the interests of each visitor. This is valuable information that will help you personalize the content available your website and allow you to add more value to your business.


To edit personalization, use the Experience Editor, which is the tool for designing personalizing content. For info on how to set up personalization, see our previous blog post. This is where you can personalize the content of your website for specific visitors based on their collected profile data, from the profile cards and values that were set up in the the Content Editor. Once you customize the content on your website to personalize the visitors, your website will display different content for different behavior profiles based on their interests that Sitecore has gained from their browsing.


Over time, these features will allow you to learn more about your website visitors and give you the information on how to keep these visitors engaged.