The owner of a technology company who still finds himself outpaced by tech we use everyday - our phones, John Hobart shares his work in developing facial recognition AI software meant to be used for good that has deeply dark potential. This is one example of how we must ask ourselves how do we responsibly develop and use technology? Can we be the adults that we need to keep democracy alive and well? John has a scientific perspective and two decades of experience designing and developing computer software. John has worked in far-reaching fields ranging from applied mathematics to skydiving to music. John is a co-founder of Coria Inc., a machine learning and data science company based out of Portland, Maine. His current work is centered on applied computer vision, where he leads a diverse team of electrical engineers and computer scientists building the next generation of intelligent cameras.

In 2017, John took a team to Amman, Jordan to see if machine learning and data science could be used to help formulate a solution to the largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II. What they learned resulted in the creation of a new team dedicated to using emerging technology for the common good.