A local, respected design agency working to improve the experiences people have with organizations, technology, and each other needed another set of eyes on an important project.



A respected design agency designed a high-profile healthcare application and needed to ensure their rollout to the marketplace would go off without a hitch.

The Solution


We performed quality assurance testing on a platform that connects patients with their healthcare providers. The native iOS application we tested integrates seamlessly to multiple Bluetooth enabled medical devices for tracking activity, weight, and blood pressure. After developing an in-depth test plan and multiple test scripts for ideal use, validation testing, and destructive testing scenarios, we  also executed black box testing and provided valuable feedback for the application development.


  • Master Test Plan
  • Customized Test Scripts for multiple scenarios
  • Execution of Master Test Plan
  • Feedback on user experience
  • Peace of mind
  • Thorough validation of functionality
  • QA report from an independent source