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Coria needed a quick and painless way for employees to enter time and a daily status to provide visibility into key performance metrics across multiple projects.

The Solution


Coria built an interactive application that is tightly integrated with Teamwork PM.

The Radiator application provides an easy-to-use form for employees to quickly enter what they completed, what they plan to do next, and any obstacles standing in their way. All activities are tracked in the application and recorded in Teamwork. If an employee has not added their info into the Radiator application by the end of their work day, a bot pings them on Slack (via chat) and collects their details using natural language.

Managers can effortlessly view Key Performance Indicators across the company, analyze specific projects, and drill down to statistics for specific workers over a selected date range.

Data visualization elements provide quick access to up-to-the-minute revenue, utilization, net profit, and hours logged.


  • Integration with Teamwork PM companies, users, and projects
  • KPI metrics across the entire organization
  • Easy access to company performance
  • Quickly identify successful projects and employees
  • Simplifies time entry